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The Hollower Woodturning Course with Phil Irons

Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
2 Day Course on hollow form turning, wood selection & finishing.

This two day course is designed for those who wish to explore the art of turning hollow forms using salvaged and reclaimed wet wood. The course will cover: A visit to the wood yard to see what is entailed in the recognition, selection, sourcing and harvesting of suitable timbers that have no commercial value other than firewood. You will be shown how to cut and prepare with a chainsaw. The safest and most secure holding methods on the lathe. How to use and exploit the versatility of the Ellesworth or Celtic grind bowl gouge so that it becomes your "go to" tool helping you achieve simple proportion, shape and form to give your work elegance. The workshop is equipped with just about every hollowing tool available as well as various rigs to hold them and I will teach you my technique for hollowing which simplifies the control of the wall thickness reducing the risk of destroying the piece. You will learn different methods of sanding and finishing as well hints and tips on creating perfect hollow forms.

The Hollower Course Gallery

About Phil Irons

Born in Australia, Phil is an Award winning woodturner best known for his coloured vessels and hollow forms.

He is a member of the AAW and the AWGB and a Registered Professional Turner.