The Fire Within

The Fire Within The Fire Within Phil Irons

"The Fire Within" was formed from a slice of the small Burr Elm log that had no real commercial value and when I found it was actually being used as a support to keep larger more valuable logs off the ground where they were being stored before being sold.

Elm burrs tend to be very irregular in shape with voids and bark inclusions, cracks and fissures which is part of the reason they are so sort after by turners and collectors of wood art, no two pieces are ever the same and as a maker you are never really sure if they will survive the making process.

"The Fire Within" was no exception with many radial splits emanating from the heart it looks as though it is about to explode, so to ensure that the neck didn't disintegrate it was bound with fine brass wire and some of the splits around the opening were filled with powdered brass in resin. The exterior surface has been subtlety textured giving the piece a tactile quality that just begs to be handled, the interior has been covered with variegated metal leaf giving the appearance of being on fire.

Additional Info

  • Material: Burr Wych Elm, Brass wire and variegated metal leaf
  • Size: W 250mm x H 160mm
  • Price: SOLD