Emerald Sky. Figured Horse Chestnut

Figured Horse Chestnut Coloured Figured Horse Chestnut Coloured Phil Irons

So named because nuts from the tree are toxic to horses. And despite having “chestnut” in its common name, it’s not closely related to the wood that has traditionally been referred to as Chestnut in the Castanea genus. Horse Chestnut is actually related to its American counterpart in the Aesculus genus, Buckeye.

The fabulous figure in this piece has been coloured with lightfast dyes to enhance what would otherwise be hidden, four different colours were used to acheive this result. It has a Holly finial lid with a 12tpi handcut thread which ensures a secure closure. The natural fissures in the wood have been filled with Aluminium epoxy which shows up as silver streaks. It has been finished with multiple coats of an eco-friendly high gloss industrial lacquer which needs no maintainence.

Additional Info

  • Material: Coloured Figured Horse Chestnut
  • Size: 260mm H x 160mm D
  • Price: £745.00
  • Capacity: 2.7ltrs

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