Coloured Maple Burr & Pewter

Coloured Maple Burr Coloured Maple Burr Phil Irons

Maple Burr has got to be one of the most beautiful woods I know. It's full of the most stunning figure, knots, swirls and voids.
It has a pale straw colour in it's natural state, I have applied several different colours of light fast stains to make the figure really stand out. The natural voids have been filled with pewter to contrast and compliment the coloured figure, then multiple coats of eco-friendly lacquer are applied.
It has an English Holly threaded lid ensuring a secure closure.

Additional Info

  • Material: Maple Burr & Pewter
  • Size: 320mm H x 170mm D
  • Price: £1895.00
  • Capacity: 3.7ltrs

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