English Walnut & Boxwood Single urn

This urn came from a very large branch that had fallen off an ancient Walnut tree in the village of Hampton Lucy in Warwickshire, it's estimated that the tree was about three hundred years old.
The lady who's garden the tree was in asked the tree surgeon if he knew of anyone who could use the wood, he contacted me and I went with my van and came back with almost one tonne of Walnut. The lady didn't want anything for the wood other than to know it was going to be used to make beautiful things. I did turn her a set of salad bowls that she was absolutely delighted with when I gave them to her some months later.

Additional Info

  • Material: English Walnut & Boxwood
  • Size: 290mm H x 170mm D
  • Price: £575.00
  • Capacity: 3.4ltrs

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