Large Burr Elm Single Urn

Burr Elm Single Urn Burr Elm Single Urn Phil Irons

Sadly the vast majority of our Elms in the UK have been devastated by Dutch Elm disease, this piece came from the branches of a 300 year old tree that was trimmed to try to save it.
Burr Elm is one of my favourite timbers, it is full of character, rich with features and no two pieces are ever the same. During the drying process little cracks and voids open up which in a purely decorative piece wouldn't be a problem but an urn needs to be a secure container so all the voids have been filled with a powdered brass and bronze mix in epoxy, making a feature of them. It has been finished with multiple coats of a very durable hardware oil which only needs dusting when required.

Additional Info

  • Material: Burr Elm and Bronze Epoxy
  • Size: 300mm D x 170mm D
  • Price: £735
  • Capacity: 3.8ltr

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