Monkey Puzzle with a Cocobolo lid

Monkey Puzzle and Cocobolo Monkey Puzzle and Cocobolo

This large single urn is made from Chilean Pine, more commonly know as the Monkey Puzzle tree. They can grow to an enormous size 1-1.5m in diameter and 30-40m in height and live to be 1000 or more years old but they are don't tolerate exposure to pollution. I was offered the whole tree by a forestry contractor who had been tasked with it's removal from a large estate in the Cotswolds, it was only about 15m tall. A distinctive charactistic of Monkey Puzzle is that the branches grow in a horizontal rings at regular intervals up the tree. This piece has been left outside in the elements to allow it to spalt resulting in discolouration varying from apricot to dark chocolate. I have used one of the knots to make the lid, it has 12tpi hand cut thread ensuring a secure closure.

Additional Info

  • Material: Monkey Puzzle and Cocobolo
  • Size: 225mm H x 285mm D
  • Price: £550.00
  • Capacity: 4ltrs

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