Spalting is simply a fungal discoloration of wood, not a separate species, it is found in

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The technique for enhancing the grain in Ash is known as Lime Waxing. Ash is a ring porous wood, this means that the spring growth rings have large earlywood pores 2-4 rows wide, whereas the latewood or winter growth rings are smaller and more scattered.

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So named because nuts from the tree are toxic to horses. And despite having “chestnut” in it's

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Maple Burr has got to be one of the most beautiful woods I know. It's full of the most stunning figure, knots, swirls and voids.

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This piece has been coloured with lightfast dyes to enhance the otherwise hidden figure, four different colours were used to achieve this result.

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I found a butt of Quilted Poplar in the woodyard I buy trees from occasionally, it was 2.8m long and about a metre in diameter and there was a patch of bark missing and I could see the exposed surface undulated quite dramatically.

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About Phil Irons

Born in Australia, Phil is an Award winning woodturner best known for his coloured vessels and hollow forms.

He is a member of the AAW and the AWGB and a Registered Professional Turner.