Writing Instruments

Ziracote and Holly Fountain Pen. Holly is a very slow growing dense wood that needs very careful drying The Holly tree that this pen is made from grew in the grounds of Goldicote Hall near Stratford upon Avon and was taken down because it had got too big and the roots were damaging the foundations.
Thuya Burr with with African Blackwood accents. Thuya Burr is a highly prized root burr from North Africa characterised by the tight pin knots and deep lustre when polished. I like to have a thin band of contrasting wood between each element of the pen combined with a flowing ergonomic shape. To access to the Easy Flow 9000 refill you unscrew the tip and to open and close the pen you twist the top behind…
A Yew Burr Roller Ball pen. This piece of Yew has all the colours that you associate with Yew, the reddish orange of the heartwood showing through the creamy white sapwood and the dark almost black knots of the burr.